" 1 of 110 children are being DX with Autism in the USA "

" 1 of 110 children are being DX with Autism in the USA "

Wednesday, June 24, 2009





We deal with relationships everyday of our life. If we did not deal with relationships everyday we just would not be human. I don’t mean relationship with your husband or wife but, EVERY relationship. The relationship that you have with your children your neighbor your coworker your family member’s etc.

The need to socialize in a human being is awesome and at the same time sometimes painful. In my short life of 35 year LOL!! I have come across some difficult relationships, some more difficult then others. Making things right has always been a challenge for me in the past but in 2003 The Lord gave me a chance to live again. By introducing me to His word and how to change my life. It started in my place of work with the people I worked and with the relationship with my boss and changing the way I dealt with people of service (Restaurants etc.)As a shipping manager I managed all man except for in my 13 years of service to 2 females. Yes I even had issues with people of service.

I don’t mention my house because I have always been the best I can be at home and in my relationship with my husband I have to say we have seen eye to eye about 95% of the time . Coming from one failed relationship I made a promise to myself that this one will not fail.

Yeah some people specially those who don’t take the time to get to know me see me and see a person who things she is above them all or is stuck up or things she is all that and more. I guess people are confused about the way I carry myself .We all have our life story about how we came to Christ, I have a really good one but is too long. But I do know that coming to meet Christ has been a life changing experience to me and I have and I’m still in the process of trying to change this feeling I can definitely give to people sometimes. I’m assertive, confident and a very helpful person. I like things that are right in almost every area .I’m extremely sensitive and hurt very easily that is my weakness. So some might find me too much to handle.

In any case I like to die trying to be the best I can be for those who chose to be around me. It is so difficult to be at peace with everyone, it is emotionally exhausting to pursue relationships everyday. Especially when they are just not working out. As the Lord has guided me through this road of life I have had to HUMBLE myself to the need of others. It hasn’t been an easy road but with the Lord with me all is possible.

The bible talks about all kinds of relationships.
1 Peter 3:8 (Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.)
Clearly speaks about relationships ALL relationships. In laws your brother your sister your neighbor your coworker etc.,I have had some terrible relationships that I have been able to mend with Gods help but some that are just sinking more and more and more that gets to a point that there is no saving them any more. Everything seems to be going fine but all of the sudden the car crashes and you can no longer take it to the shop to fix it.

"Humbling Spirit"

Humility, if I could just learn to care for others and always see them as better then myself that would just be a huge change in everyday relationships. If we just stop thinking that our way is better or that is the only way, We hate compromises we are inflexible I’m the wise one you are not, I’m at all times more important then you are. Every time we have this attitude we aren't stirring our car the right way.

Gods influence in our daily living amazes me personally; How He uses his rod to guide us everyday like the pastor does his sheep. Literally yelling at you as he sees you moving the wrong direction. “Get back here”. As we have been given the right to chose we are the ones who chose where we move towards. But is we are wise we chose for our Pastor to guide our ways
Psalm 23:4 “Even though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.”

So as we read that Psalm we see that our Lord is very specific when he tells us that He guides us in paths of righteousness. We aren’t perfect but we must try to live our life according to Gods plan. As we proclaim to live a life like Christ did and we live with imperfection everyday it becomes complicated in unstable relationships. We must ask ourselves, are we living up to the espectations that the Lord has for me in my relationship with others? The most commend answer would be NO.

I few have made mistakes in the past relationships the best thing to do is to try to mend those as best we can. We would like the word of our God to be above any petty fight or argument. We show that we have real strength in God , Cause at times I have personally been in a horrible place in my life , But hear me out I have the freedom to say I have been on my knees I’m walking with God and I’m experiencing His strength and no one can stop me at this time .About my future I know the Lord and He strengthens me and He is my Guide and I trust in Him. Things will be better tomorrow.

As we deal with difficult relationships .When it seems like the wrong people are in control. This relationship is not working with your family member your husband your coworkers etc. I will fear no evil, because you are with me God. How do we know this? As I had mentioned before the Lord clearly says that His Rod and Staff comfort me.

He uses His Rod and Staff to discipline us as we stray from His ways, Our Lord Himself allows for difficulty in our life for a clear purpose. This wrong relationship is just a way to strengthen our Faith in Him .He corrects us then guides us back to where we need to be.

I feel proud and happy and humble to say that I have one bad relationship I haven’t been able to fix, But I’m no longer looking to fix it . For I have turned it over to the Lord and He is my Father the one who judges me and disciplines me as He sees necessary. For I was made in His image I too am a parent one who loves his kids and disciplines cause I love them .

Hebrews 12
"My son, do not make light of the Lord's discipline,
and do not lose heart when he rebukes you,
6because the Lord disciplines those he loves,
and he punishes everyone he accepts as a son."

Wouldn’t it be nice to follow what Hebrews 12:14 say’s
“Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. 15See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.”

Our struggles are many but the forgiveness and the strength of the Lord is never ending and it is never to late to start a new life in Christ So make the change in your heart so it all comes close together for all. Think about your life and what ever relationship you have not had success in and ask yourself , Has the Lord guided me with His Rod and Staff but I’m just not paying attention?. Has the Lord disciplined me and I have rejected His discipline because I’m to busy with all of my stupid stuff with my ignorance and in my judging others?

Or have you already embraced the Grace of God in those bad relationships and are now saying this is my opportunity to turn a new page in my life. I shall start to shine brightly in this relationship I will be the humble one Father like you have taught me to be .

The Lord Bless you all

Gloria Rodriguez

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm proud to be part of this project you can view my pics @
My kids have been part of the Stramski Developmental center since 2007 .
Photography Project for The Steel Magnolias of Long Beach
I’m so honored to be partnering with Long Beach’s “Steel Magnolias,” a non-profit organization that raises funds for the Stramski Children’s Developmental Center at Miller’s Children Hospital. Over the last several weeks, I’ve had the enormous pleasure of photographing some of the children and their families who’ve greatly benefited from the services provided by the Stramski Center. This is a charity that is very close to my heart.

The children who’ve stood in front of my camera have conditions including autism, Asperbeger’s syndrome, high risk infant development delay, craniofacial deformity and attention deficit disorder. I was simply blown away by the strength, determination, courage and love that these families share. Listening to their stories moved me in a way that is hard to describe, especially as a mother of three healthy children.

The fine art portrait exhibit will be on display at the final destination of the Steel Magnolia’s Home Design Tour from 11am to 4pm on May 17th, 2009. Below is more information about the Home Design Tour.
Steel Magnolias of the Stramski Children’s Developmental Center
Style of Long Beach 2009, Home Design Tour
Sunday, May 17, 2009, 11am – 3pm
View inspiring interiors and fabulous furnishings
Tickets will be available beginning at 10am. $35.00
Tickets are available and the tour will begin at 11am at
Coldwell Banker
1650 Ximeno Avenue, Suite 120
Long Beach, CA 90804
For further information please call (562) 533-1992

The Stramski Children’s Developmental Center, under the guidance of the Center’s Medical Director Dr. Gary Feldman, include Behavioral Neurodevelopment Programs, The Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Center, High-Risk Infant Follow-up, Sleep Disorders and the Stramski International Adoption Program.