" 1 of 110 children are being DX with Autism in the USA "

" 1 of 110 children are being DX with Autism in the USA "

Friday, December 10, 2010

Padres con niños excepcionales !!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Justice for Joey****Apage for a 7 year old child who has been emotionally injured

JUSTICE FOR JOEY - A PAGE FOR A 7 YR. OLD CHILD EMOTIONALLY INJURED PER COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH REPORTS from BEING RESTRAINED IN SCHOOL...by an unlicensed, untrained, non psychologist, not even a teacher staff member who complains of a sprained ankle while JOEY REMAINS IN PATIENT with ACUTE STRESS DISORDER reliving the nightmare of having this unsupervised individual put his hands upon him and physically restrain him in what is described in State Complaints as a PRONE RESTRAINT...... IN CALIFORNIA!!JOEY NEEDS JUSTICE - HE NEEDS LEGAL REPRESENTATION IN MULTIPLE JURISDICTIONS INCLUDING:1. Civil Court - Personal Injury he has obtained that may be life long and has caused this mental ward hospitalization.2. Federal Court - violations of his Civil Rights as a Disabled American and other federal violations of law that have led to injury.IF YOU CAN HELP, PLEASE CONTACT US.

Kern County, CaliforniaBakersfield, CA, 93306

Justice for Joey is a page set up for the 'company' of all that have kids in special education in America or other countries. Joey is 7 yrs. old and Autistic, he is also Bi Polar/mania and is now showing marked signs of "Acute Stress Distorder" after being restrained in his school by an untrained counselor protecting his candy shack aka his office. The child wanted candy, the employee held him against his will in a chair for an unspecified amount of time and then reportedly threw him to the floor.Joey Needs Justice. Now Joey has had such a bad reliving of the restraint his psych is so poor he must be in patient and is away from the home, possibly for quite some time. JOEY NEEDS JUSTICE.........The School district has hired an ex Administrative Law Judge to fight our Advocate who works for Starbucks 'and a smile'! The actions of this school district against Joey have caused him to be TAKEN FROM THE HOME DUE TO ACUTE STRESS DISORDER LEADING TO MULTIPLE Psychotic breakdowns. Hopefully, Joey will come out of this last one - As reported by the County Mental Health Joey relives the restraint in these episodes and acts as if he's being restrained when he's not, then yells in fear and frenzy, thinking even his closest family members are even out to harm him. Later, he will forget all about what he's done or said.JOEY NEEDS JUSTICE- He needs a STRONG WILLED CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY To STEP UP and help out this 7 yr. old boy who has been the subject of so many frivolous filings by the district it's head spinning!! ANY GOOD ATTORNEY SHOULD EASILY SEE THE PERSONAL INJURY LIABILITY DUE TO THE COUNTY'S OWN WRITTEN STATEMENT VERIFYING ALL OF THIS, THE DISTRICT'S ADMITTING TO DOING SO IN WRITING IN VIOLATION OF CCR TITLE 5 EMERGENCY BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTIONS, AND MOST OF ALL THE FACT THAT HE'S BEEN INJURED AND HIS CIVIL RIGHTS HAVE BEEN VIOLATED. I'm sure somebody knows somebody else and this is a case that should line the pocket of a well intentioned attorney vs. the kind of attorneys school districts hire.JOEY NEEDS JUSTICE!!! He's been placed into county mental health care - inpatient ALL DUE TO RESTRAINT.

Justice for Joey is a page set up for the 'company' of all that have kids in special education in America or other countries. Joey is 7 yrs. old and Autistic, he is also Bi Polar/mania and is now showing marked signs of "Acute Stress Distorder" after being restrained in his school by an untrained counselor protecting his candy shack aka his office. The child wanted candy, the employee held him against his will in a chair for an unspecified amount of time and then reportedly threw him to the


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

AUTISMO en Costa Rica

Fundacion AUTISMO Feliz

Me da mucho gusta mirara espacios de organizaciones en otros paises Latinoamericanos quienes estan tratando de no solo sacar adelante sus hijos con dificultad especial pero quieren traer consiencia del AUTISMO.

Aca les presento la pagina de Fundacion Autismo Feliz;

¿Quiénes somos?
Somos un grupo de madres que tenemos niños con Trastornos Generalizados en el Desarrollo que, a raíz de vivir diferentes experiencias y situaciones a través de nuestros propios testimonios de vida, decidimos unirnos y formar la Fundación Autismo Feliz como herramienta que le permita a las familias con niños especiales contar con capacitación, charlas e información sobre cómo mejorar la calidad de vida de estos niños.

Fundadora: Presidenta: Hazel Torres
Secretaria: Fedra Castro
Tesorera: María Elena Chavarría
Vocal 1: Laura Ramírez
Vocal 2: Keylin Aguilar

Crear conciencia social y empatía de las personas con problema de Trastorno Generalizado del Desarrollo.

Crear recursos socioeconómicos, legales y de salud en pro de una mejor calidad de vida para la población de niños, adolescentes y adultos que padecen un Trastorno Generalizado en el Desarrollo.

Desarrollar actividades y eventos especiales sin fines de lucro, con el fin de recaudar fondos para dar apoyo a la población con Trastornos Generalizados del Desarrollo (Autismo, Asperger, Espectro Autismo, etc).Ofrecer a esta población servicios profesionales, asesorías, capacitaciones, producción de material informativo, para el abordaje de situaciones específicas que se les presente (medicamentos, tratamientos médicos, materiales escolares, talleres, uniformes, zapatos ortopédicos, etc).Recibir donaciones nacionales e internacionales por parte de entidades públicas o privadas que nos permitan realizar nuestras actividades educativas, benéficas, artísticas o literarias y todas aquellas que signifiquen bienestar social.Desarrollar actividades con apoyo de entidades públicas o privadas para lograr reincorporar al sistema laboral a los familiares que se han visto en la necesidad de dejar sus trabajos por cuidar un familiar que presenta Trastorno Generalizado en el Desarrollo. ( PDD-NOS)

Quieres saber mas de ellos?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What in the world are we feeding our kids and eating ourselveves!!!!


One of the things that I have learned from the AUTISM experience is that literally what you eat and what you feed your kids makes a huge difference. In a persons mood, behavior and over all health. Starting with Overweight children we move to Neurological disorders, those being. PDD-NOS (in other words AUTISM), Aspergers, Mental retardation, OCD, Anxiety, Depression etc.

Studies Link childhood obesity to sleep problems, Lower quality of life (can’t do what normal kids their age do) Complications during surgery. Mood swings more health problems in the future then peers their own age. Not to mention low self steam. They are more likely to be picked in the school then other children.

What the CDC saying about our overweight children:
Since the 1980s, the number of overweight children (ages 6–19) has more than tripled in the United States. Today, 18 percent of elementary school children are overweight. Two major factors are contributing to this rise in overweight children:
• On average, children in the United States spend almost six hours a day with electronic media: TV, computer, and video games.
• Only 29 percent of children in the United States attend physical education classes daily; down from 42 percent in 1991.
In an effort to address these troubling statistics, CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) promotes the use of a Coordinated School Health Program Model (CSHP) to aid schools and communities in preventing and reducing chronic diseases in school children. CSHP includes eight interactive components that enable schools and communities to create their own coordinated school health programs
Going on to Neurological disorders: We are dealing with every 20 min. a child is diagnosed with PDD (Autism) in our country. The mental health services have increased significantly since 2008. Now 1 in 110 is being diagnosed with some form of Autism.
Diagnosis of ADHD increased an average of 3% per year from 1997 to 2006. [Read article ]
Boys (9.5%) are more likely than girls (5.9%) to have been diagnosed with ADHD. [Read article ]

There is one thing that I have learned in my way to healing my kids with Autism/Aspergers/anxiety that is that whatever they put in their mouth is important. Dr. Jean Lake described to me the way the brain works on this matter.
She said.” Whenever you put in your mouth a piece of candy, food or any food for that matter, the first reaction is in the neurons inside your brain then moving into your stomach then to making the digestion, Depending on how much and what you put in your mouth that is the reaction you will have for a few hours or the reaction your body will have in a few days weeks or months”.
This really stuck into my mind and I tell people about this all the time I talk about autism.

I know we have the food pyramid that our FDA dept. has provided us with , But every individual is different and that pyramid isn’t one size fits all. Just like our vaccines aren’t one size fits all but then that is another subject. Because of the miracle of blood testing now days we can find out what is best for our kids and for us. This test is called an IGG food sensitivity test not to be confused with the IGA food allergy test.
Any more information about this test can be found here

Now it is obvious that whatever is artificial color or flavor .too much of it is not healthy.
Some of you might say “I eat chicken therefore I’m healthier” Think again.
Because the poultry industry sees these birds as meat- and egg-producing machines, the animals are not treated as the sentient individuals they are.
Almost all of the birds we raise for meat have been bred selectively for unnaturally rapid growth, which is further exacerbated by routine antibiotic-use for growth-promotion.
Growing so large so quickly causes immense animal welfare problems, including increased rates of leg, heart and lung disorders. And virtually all of the egg-laying hens in our national flock are confined in cages too small for them even to spread their wings.
We do not need to be a veterinarian to help farm animals.
Each one of us can make a difference every time we sit down to eat.
By reducing our consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products, we can help make the world a more humane place.

My goal with this article is to bring awareness of what we are consuming every day . As a person who believes in the word of God “The Bible” I urge you to make a change for “Our body is His Temple”
1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (New International Version)
Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.
Gloria Rodriguez

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thankful to the Lord for all the blessings

Been away for just a little bit . Had so many things going on for a while , M y life is always full of many many things to do . This year has been full of many many things . This year is almost over and all I can say is where did the time go?. I feel 100% blessed and thankful to the Lord since my kids and myself got to travel to mexico my oldest child celebrated her 15th birthday . We are all healthy my children are no longer in the CFGF diet . My children are now fuctioning great and receiving the services they need . The Lord is wonderful and both my husband and I have received many blessings this year 2010.

Deshey and I

Deshey and Grandma Lupe

Me and the best suegra in the world My husbands mother Maria Guadalupe

Most of my familia in mexico

My husbands first princess Deshey